At The Green Bum Company ,

diapers are sanitized during our washing process,

then tested with the same Hygiene Monitoring System and

Diagnostic Tools used in Food & Medical Facilities.  

We don't just rely on a "washing method"


No harsh chemicals are ever used.  
Our method is Environmentally & Baby Bum friendly!

Our personnel are certified before any involvement in our washing program.

When you receive your fresh diapers at your door, you can trust they 

are  cleaner than a disposable right out of the package!  

Yes, we tested a disposable!

How do I know the diapers are really clean?

Proud member of


More Convenient, Affordable AND Cleaner than disposables!


How does it work?

  • Once you're signed up we bring everything you need right to your door.
  • Place soiled diapers right in the odour free pail, no rinsing required. 
  • Each week, place the bag from the pail on your doorstep.  We exchange it for freshly laundered & tested diapers.  You don't even have to be home.  It's that simple!

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Service starts at

$19.95 / week!

​We make cloth easy!

We offer weekly delivery of freshly washed and sanitized cloth prefolds that can be used in a number of various covers.  


Our diaper service will save you over $1000 dollars during your baby's diaper years!