In Canada alone, 4 million diapers are dumped in landfills.


It takes approximately 500 years for a “disposable” diaper to decompose in a landfill!

2.5% of the waste in our landfills is from "disposable" diapers.

Untreated human waste added to landfills each year through disposable diapers can contaminate ground water.

The Green Bum Company  process is simple and easy to use!

1)  Weekly pickup and delivery to your door.  You don't even have to be home.  

2)  Toss your used prefold diaper into the provided wetbag after you change your baby.

3)  On Delivery day, simply take your bag of diapers to your doorstep.  We exchange it with a bag of freshly           laundered Green Bum prefolds.  Simply take them out of the bag and place on your shelf!  Put the clean           bag in your pail and you're ready for the next week!

Did you know that disposable diaper companies are self-regulated in Canada?  They are not required by law to disclose what their diapers are made of.    

We do know that Disposables contain "sodium polyacrylate" (the component that turns from a powder to gel when exposed to liquids, ie. urine).  Material Data Sheets warn injury can occur by breathing in the powder and recommend to wash with soap and water if powder or gel is exposed to skin!   You are conscious about what you feed your baby and what soaps you use.  

Do you really want your baby's genitals to be surrounded by chemicals from birth until they're potty trained?

Ever wonder what Disposables are made of?

You save time and effort! 

You save $$$

No harsh chemicals are used in the washing or sanitizing process.

Our prefold diapers are made from 100% Indian woven cotton, which makes it the best choice for your baby.

The Green Bum Company diapers are washed with a multi cycle process utilizing extremely hot water temperatures and all natural detergent.  The level of clean achieved by this process is not possible with a regular household washer.  

Most importantly......your baby is wearing 100% natural materials on their bum!  

You save the planet!

Why Green Bum Company Diaper Service?

From birth to 2.5 years, the average baby will use approximately 7500 diapers! 

Add the fuel and time to drive to the store to get these.  Add in the extra garbage disposal fee depending on where you live.  You will spend close to$4000 using disposables!

The Green Bum Company will save you over $1000 through your baby's diaper years!